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Well, I decided to put my birthday present to use today (only one day after my birthday) and decided to finish the wiring harness for my intercooler fan. Long story short, it was already in my SC, and working. Then it stopped some time ago. I got sick, the car sat, and this winter I finally was able to get back to it. My accessory belt had worn through a wire. Simple fix. Well, since I had to remove my IC to get my alternator out (issues there too) I decided it would be a good time to re-do the harness with OEM style water tight connectors and just make it look professional. My birthday present was the crimping tool to use these nice connectors. I played with it a little yesterday, but went all out today. Attached is an album of my "in progess" stages. I didn't get really any pictures of what was, but what little I did get you can compare it to what I have now. There's really not a comparison at all. The only thing I have left to do is connect the switch to it. Since it was all hard wired before, that's all in the car right now. I do need 2 more single wire connectors to finish it off the way I want it to be (one for the switch and one for the ground from the fan).

I used Painless Performance's Weatherpack connectors. They offer a variety of connectors ranging from single wire all the way up to a six-wire connector. The crimper tool and pin extraction tool (if you goof up) are available from MSD Ignition. I purchased all of the parts from Speedway Motors since they are right here in Lincoln.

I have to say that I couldn't be happier with the way this turned out. My soldering skill leave much to be desired and since my SC is slowly becoming more show-worthy, I felt it an appropriate time to upgrade the pitiful wiring I attmpted before. The terminals crimp on very easily and are secured plenty strong enough. Now the entire harness snaps together making it much easier to replace parts, remove the IC/fan or simply tracking where the wires are.

Now that I've got this under my belt, I've got a couple more wiring projets to complete... :)