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So your car has increasingly been looking worse for the wear, even though it is hardly a year old. You also keep finding new scratches on it each morning that seem to have appeared out of nowhere. If you have any sort of emotional attachment to this vehicle, you must find such a state of affairs mildly despairing, if not depressing.

Giving your car a makeover is an excellent way to rectify the above. You can employ garage services for this, except it won’t be easy on your pocket. Your car might not even need all of the services mentioned in a makeover/makeover package, but you will pay for them regardless.

Save that money for yourself. Read on for ways in which you can have your worn-out car lookingspanking new again. Consider it a DIY job that won’t take up more than a Sunday morning.

Learn what the garage service providers use

No one will tell you what they use to make the cars gleam like they do. No worries. Employ your research skills to find that out. Excellent research is a great way to produce excellent results.

Also find out where you can buy that raw material. This is easier than it sounds, trust me. Just get to it.

Invest in a car polishing kit

A car polishing kit (could be known differently in your area)is nothing short of a magic kit. It typically does the following:

- The polish gives the car’s surface a finish worthy of a showroom.

- The kit contains scratch-removal liquids that work like a charm.

- Not only that, they also make the car scratch-proof (to a certain extent). This is the best and the easiest way of ridding your car of those pesky scratches that seem to have a mind of their own.

- The wax/polish cleans the upholstery, too. You will see layers of dirt and grime literally disappearing in front of your eyes, revealing the upholstery underneath looking brand new.

- The polish also makes jaded plastic, like the dashboard, the steering wheel, etc. look sparkling new.

- It does an equally brilliant job of cleaning the glass – the windows, the mirrors, and the lights.

The liquids and the wax are used so sparingly that one kit can be used for multiple makeovers.These kits are also easily available. If you do not find them on the Internet or at your local store, ask your local garage service provider to sell it to you. They will be happy to oblige.If you can’t find a kit, you can purchase the items separately.

Vacuum the car floor

Depending on how badly the floor has been abused a vacuum job may work wonders. If not, you may have to buy new floor mats or liners. If it’s only a matter of cleaning the debris and the waste on the floor though, a good vacuuming session will give you excellent results.

Can I fix broken tail lights, too?

No, you cannot. You should not even attempt to. Physical damage of that kind should only be looked at by professionals. Also, make sure you are adequately covered for such damages. Check out car insurance quotes on the Internet to see if you can do one better on your current policy.


One can get rather creative with car accessories;look to the Internet for some interesting options. You could buy electronic gadgets like new speakers, Bluetooth, and new headphones for your car. Other accessories you might want to consider (depending on the make and model of your care) are window signs, bug shields, air filters, cargo liners, sun shades, dash covers, storage cases, under seat consoles, etc.

Get oil or air-based fresheners to keep your beloved car smelling awesome. Make use of the car cover every day even if you feel too lazy to do it. Keep the car in a good condition. That starts with being responsible toward it, and while you are on the road. Little things add up over time and can make a tremendous difference to how a car ages.