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This web site is incredible! I was never really a "Car girl" until I bought my Firebird. Then a friend told me about this website. I joined a couple of weeks ago and have met so many friendly people! It's just amazing how many compliments I've gotten for my car and it's not even a high performance car. It just looks pretty and has been very well taken care of by a very picky first owner (a retired elementary school teacher). I would have thought you "Car guys" would have been telling me to put custom wheels on her or supe up the engine, but everyone has said to keep her original. That was my plan all along, and it's good to know that guys like you agree with me. She's a cruiser, not a race car, and that's just the way I like her. If anybody else sees this blog and wants to say HI! just drop me a message. I'm really beginning to get what this car thing is all about!