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Well, halfway through July and another day over 95 degrees! So far, we've had three "heatwaves", so I haven't been able to go out to do my usual summer thing, R/C Flying. It's been either too hot, too windy, stormy or all three! Oh well, it just keeps me inside building cars! It is driving my Wife a little crazy though! I'm also still looking for permanent employment. Being out of work 2 times in three years is something I don't wish on anyone!

I had a call from one of my Agencies, and they think I might get picked up by the end of this month, temp to perm. I can only hope!

So now, I'm outside with my two 4 legged kids, letting them have some fun, and making sure they don't get overheated. I'll go back inside to work on the new kit (66 Charger) in a bit. Just finished my two latest creations, which I've posted here, and am waiting on three more kits to come in via mail. These should hold me until I hear if I'm going back to work (I hope!). Two Nova's (66 and 70) and one 68 Mustang should do. My Garage is getting larger than my model airplane hanger, which is saying something! Might have to build new shelves down in the Mancave......

My Daughter is taking me on a "Daughter-Daddy" outing to NYC for a concert of one of her favorite singers next week. Will be inside, but "Standing Room Only". Not bad, the last concert we went to was the same way (4th of July Jam in Philly). She won free tickets and that was a great way to spend my birthday (same day, July 4th). We had a blast and I got to see the new Ford Focus set up and asked the crew there when we would be seeing the 4 wheel drive Fiesta in the US available for sale.

Believe it or not, they told me that the Engineers said it would NOT be brought to the States because of "Gas Mileage" issues and it's "Too Heavy" (?!?!?!?). I told them I was watching them on SPEED in the New Zealand Road Rally and would seriously think of trading in my Geo Prizm in on one. They tried to push an AWD Fusion on me >:-( Sorry, I don't like how they look.

Oh, oh, looks like it's going to storm again. Better get inside. I'll see how my Brother did racing last weekend online. He drives in the "Bomber" class at Oakshade Speedway in Wauseon, OH. He drives "24H", the car that looks like a Dalmation dog! You want to see some good down-home racing, check them out on You Tube and their website.

Until next they say on Horsepower, "keep it between the ditches!"