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1. First i went to the nearest paintball shop and purchased a special Co2 valve for releasing the Co2 from the tank. I'm not sure exactly what its called. The paintballers use it to carry the tank on their waist wrather than on their gun. I paid 15$ but you could find them for cheaper on ebay.

2. Then i went to a hardware store and bought about 6-15 Ft of hosing. Heat resistant is preferred.

3. Then i bought a few hose clamps and some corresponding plumbing to connect to the Co2 release valve.

4. It's also a good idea to buy some sealent tape to tighten things up to prevent leaks.

5. Make sure the plumbing has a nipple that will fit from the release valve to the hose.

6. You will also need, depending on the size of your intercooler, some thin copper or aluminum pipe or tubing. Its very easy to bend and is sometimes located near all the plumbing stuff.

7. Bend the piping in a spiral and drill very small holes every inch and a half on the side you want to face the IC.

8. Run the hosing through the firewall which is usually in between the battery and the intake manifold, down low.

9. You can run your main unit anywere you want.

10. Fit the sprayer peice you just drilled into the hosing and clamp it really tight. Also try to mount it the best you can with anything. Duct tape works.

11. Also make sure that your hosing is nowhere near any hot or moving parts.

12. Fill up your tanks and start sprayen.