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I am now in pre production of the movie “I Was Trafficked”
I’m giving all of my motortopia friends a chance to get involved in the production of this movie which is a police story and human trafficking story kind of like the movie “Taken”. We are early in pre-production and still forming the crew and finalizing the story. This is your chance to help shape a movie in development designed to help protect girls and seed a “wake-up” reaction from the general public so that we can stop the growth of this horrific yet booming business.

I am currently in need of locations in or around central Arkansas and Memphis TN. I need cars, people, equipment, the sponsorships and partnerships by local law enforcement, churches, human trafficking and rape recovery support groups, hospitals, clinics, key crewmembers, and of course actors.

If you can contribute or if you just want to find out more about what you can do to help, then join one of these two yahoo groups:
If you live in Arkansas or a surrounding state, join:

If you live too far away to drive to Arkansas for an Arkansas based low budget shoot, join: http://movies...ght_pictures/

I am working with attorneys now to set up the LLC for the production and arrange for investors. Since the legal aspect is not finished, I cannot yet ask for silent partner investors, but I can bring people into the project at this time as talent, crew or producers who are willing to chip in to cover production expenses. Because the amount of investment cannot yet be determined, I am currently structuring the production the way zero budget filmmakers do (I have experience in that area). In Zero budget filmmaking, you first find your volunteer resources and free locations, and then you construct a screenplay to fit your settings. Then you bring in actors and crew who will work for no upfront money. The project then gets upgraded as more sponsors and investors sign on. This process works. My last 26 location movie with a cast of over 100, was shot for $2500.

This is the time to get involved.

Thanks in advance,
Cody G. Carson