Filed under: 2001 Pontiac Trans Am (dragonbird)

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Last night I went to the Bristo drag strip for the Thurs. night street fights. I was wanting to accomplish 2 things, 1-to get in the high 13's in the 1/4, 2-to make it to 100mph in the 1/4. Well I didn't make it in the 13's :( I made it in 14.030, darn! so close! But I did make it to 100mph, 102.25 as a matter of fact! So i was well pleased. I have come from a 14.65 to a 14.030 and all that is done to the car is flow master exhaust kit, slp cold air induction kit, k&n air filter & oil filter, bosch platinum +4 plugs & bosch wires, and I use castrol full synthetic oil. In my opinion that ain't to darn bad. I have also greatly improved my reaction time too, I've come from over a sec. (bad connection in the wires between my brain and foot, lol) to a .16. Yep, I'm very satisfied.