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Finally, after almost 2 years I am driving her again. Man I missed her.

Now come the 2000 mile beak in on the brand new engine. I have 20 miles so far and only 1980 miles left.

It was running really rough when I first got in it, I was sort of bummed out. I did some data logging with the Motec and looked over the maps.

I decided to pull some timing out of it, that seemed to help, but, on the drive home she had no power. I looked at my lambda and I was running way too rich. I pulled some fuel out of her and took her for spin, a little too lean, but I have the overall fuel trimmed -10% so I pulled 3% off that and now she seems happy.

I have to drive down to Jupiter tomorrow for an sand castle building contest with my sons school. I am going to take the laptop too and tweek the maps some more if I have a chance.

I feel she is running strong enough now to take her some distance. I can finally take off from a light without holding anyone up so I have made some progress.

I cannot wait for 2000 miles to pass so I can get the plastered into the seat feeling from her again. With the new maps she already feels like she wants to jump off the street and take off.

Pics coming soon.