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I am boosting at will and just staying clear of redline. I am not taking it over 6K RPM for the next week or 2 and will finish cleaning up the maps to 6K then work on the 6-8K maps.

I had to try WOT in second gear again on a warmer afternoon with warm tires to see if I was imagining the other morning. It was about 82° out and I had driven her for a good 30 miles so I figured lets open her up again.

I turned onto a 4 lane road that was empty and nailed it in 2nd gear at around 3K RPMS and took it to 6K. She practically jumped off the ground. Once she hit 4500 RPM the back tires gave up the fight for traction and she began fishtailing ever so slightly as she rocketed to 6K RPM.

I shifted to 4th and calmly drove about another 1/2 mile as I collected myself, then I just uttered the word...f*@k.... and drove on. That was the only word to describe it.

This is going to take a lot of getting used to. For the first time since I have owned this car, I feel like it could easily kill me. It not that I do not like this feeling its kind of a rush, it just I have developed a whole new respect for this car and a quiet fear.

I was pretty sure it WAS a 10 second car before this break in, my butt dyno says there is easily another 100HP in her now. Could this car possibly be a 9 second car now. Could I have finally hit my elusive 500RWHP? I hope to dyno it in the next month or so. I am really looking forward to Autocrossing it again now.

I am considering some Kumho MX tires for her now since my Yoko A032R's are just about done. I have never really been impressed with the grip these tires offered. Plus now that the rears are almost bald I am going to need to treaded tires for a drive to NC.

I will try to shoot some crappy video of it at WOT in 2nd and 3rd gear soon so you can see the insanity.

The last project I have now, I have a turbo blanket on its way here from Titan Motorsports, I just picked up some header wrap for the downpipe and I am going to insulate the turbo, its throwing a lot of heat into the engine bay.