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??Ibuonline automotive electronics suppliers to share three guidelines to help you easily pick a hedge against inflation used car
??Pick the car standards: the market price as a reference for the estimated but still depend on the actual vehicle conditioncar electronic parts
??Popularity of the car, whether the car has been discontinued, maintenance convenience, parts price is the market price of the factors that are at stake.
??The the pick cars criteria: When you purchase the presence or absence of accident is your The careful. Car accident small collision is not generally occur, but serious injuries to the girders, engine and other important parts of the car accident. Engine cover to the main body, in addition to the need to look carefully at the left with the left and right fender and fender Fit or cover the gap is consistent sizes of case (do not), the engine cover and headlight is uneven cut flush, the gap between the hood and windshield are the same or glue left of the original car paint, are the focus of the inspection.
??The the pick cars criteria: water, oil, gas should also check the operation of the judgment vehicle in the first heavy engine
??You finish viewing the static structure of the body
??Pick the car Guideline 6: Start to see the coordination of the various parts of the do not forget the view of the chassis of the vehicle after the dynamic test, followed by analysis of road condition of this car is, whether there will be various parts as starting Lililala sound encounter potholes car rebound reaction cornering steering steering pull reaction ... and so are you not to be ignored.
??Specific check method:
??Door pull handle, door map with the driving seat adjustment twisted, driving habits and vehicles are dogged many of the former owners open the basis can be used to sentence.
??View chassis if there is any available patch welding traces the car stays high benefits used to view, Furthermore girders View all fuel tank and tubing available in conjunction checks whether the oil spill situation.
??3. Opened underwent sub-compartment lid carpet, a closer look at the part of the luggage compartment steel version, color, paint, spot welding traces out of round, large and small, can be used as the basis to determine whether the impact.
??In addition to vehicle condition, whether the car brand is excellent, whether the vehicle is sold are whether a car is the key to hedge against inflation. In general, preserving the value of the joint venture brands is higher than its own brand. The best-selling models compare hedge against inflation.
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