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??Ibuonline sharing: why should always pay attention to the tire clean auto maintenance
automotive electronics suppliers," The car first dependent child ", which is one of the many owners all know the truth, but in the tire maintenance aspects of what can be done to maximize the maintenance of good tire and ensure a higher safety factor? " Ibuonline tire safety action " has been three consecutive period to consumers on the tire of knowledge, we aim to from the tire " installation ", " use" and the daily maintenance and other aspects as far as possible detailed notes, the hope can give consumers a help, in order to avoid some errors owners tire maintenance.
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??The ibuonline tire safety action will be based on the previous period, the tire " installation " and " use", mainly introduces the owner in daily life should be in the tire curing should focus on issues.
??First of all, the tire pressure to accurately. The standard tire pressure is about 2.2~2.6bar, the high pressure can increase the wear of the tire, may also cause burst, but too low will increase fuel consumption and vehicle bumpy feeling. In general, the summer tire pressure can be a little lower, winter can be a little more.
??The owner himself can prepare a tire pressure gauge, tire pressure is the best measurement time is the morning, measurement of tire pressure at the start of the vehicle before, because the tyre during the driving standing for 4 hours after completely cooled down, the most accurate data. The standard tire pressure tire in general in the car door, compared with the standard value and the measured value, too high will release some gas, and can be.
??Second, pay attention to the four round of transposition. If the direction of deviation, and tire wear plate sinking unilateral problems arise in the running vehicle, these phenomena are in to remind the owners immediately on the vehicle four wheel alignment. The vehicle due to hit the steering wheel 's sake, the front wheel wear rate than the rear, to prolong the service life of tire, regular tires, which can make the tire wear uniform. Auto repair experts suggest, front-wheel drive vehicles traveling 8000 kilometers per a four round of transposition.
??In addition, keep the tire clean. If there are stones and other foreign owners need to regularly check the tire tread grooves in, if have their own hands to clean up, but if the nails and spikes, is required to professional repair mechanism for help. Check the tire side have no cut, stab, if exposed cord, if there should be timely replacement tires. At the same time pay attention to the tire warranty period, the service life of the tire is generally 2-3 years or running 6-10 million kilometers. Tread depth in 1.6mm ( the lowest wear ) should be the immediate replacement of tires. Over the shelf life of tire ( especially the spare tire, tire life of roughly 3 years), the overall performance has declined.
??As the saying goes " tire three points, five points, two points for installation, see " using life actually tire wear and mileage except outside, also influenced by such as climate condition, road condition, vehicle technical condition and other factors, so the owners need to check the car tire. At the same time to remind the majority of owners, the tire repair more careful, need more examination.
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