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I dropped my truck off at the shop on Tuesday to have tint installed on the driver & passenger windows, and while it was there my new Magnaflow cat back system arrived, so I had them throw that on there as well. At first I was disappointed to find out it was not what I wanted. I had wanted to have dual angle tips coming out on the back sides of the truck, what I got was dual angled tips coming out on the passenger side in front of the rear tire. The wife and I drove back over there and they held the exhaust up under the truck to show me what it would look like. After getting a visual look at the tips, I'm very glad that I didn't get the exhaust that I wanted. Now I've got a bad-a$$ looking exhaust, and a very MEAN growl coming from it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some pics uploaded of the new additions, and I'll try to get a audio clip as well.