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I want to pass on something I found last night that made me choke up since I seen it. There are a couple of guys here on motortopia that went out of their way to start a fund to help me get LOUIE THE LIZARD back. I have a direct link to it now so if you read the story already you might know what this is about. I

I also want to let everybody know how GREATFUL I really am so my fiance and I decided that to show how much this means to me we want to get the car back, get it reassembled, and then if money permits us to find a place in these UNITED STATES somewhere to have a car show, gathering, something to where all of the people that helped in any way, can sign either the car with a dry erase marker or actually sign a piece of poster board whatever. Then I am going to dedicate my racing and car shows from that point on to them !!! THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE THAT ANSWERED MY CRY FOR HELP WILL FOREVER BE PERMANENT SPONSORS OF MY CAR AND ME.

The Link is:

My children have been and are a large part of my hobbies and they too are ecstatic to see this. They know best what this car means to me. They have seen the dedication I gave to this car and my hobbies. They too have seen what I have done for others to help them out.

One recent story from last summer was that I offered to put an alternator in a guy I worked with's car for him. I told him my shop rate and he agreed. Well while working on his car he had brought a new belt that was the wrong one. We tried several attempts from several parts stores and finally I decided to take the original belt and match one up that way. COMPUTER WAS WRONG !! Anyway during the driving around we did to get the right belt he started talking to me on a more personal basis out of the blue. He was in his fifties roughly and told me he had to take out ALL of his 401K to pay on his house to keep it and was still behind on the mortgage. He was saying he figured he was going to lose his house and his wife didn't work due to illnesses. Well to make a long story short when he went to pay the bill he wanted to give me the last $40 cash he had and a check for the remainder. I felt really bad for the guy so I told him that I didn't want his money !! He insisted on paying me. I finally told him to give me $20 and call it good. I took the money from him and noticed that the car had other issues. I just told him to wait a minute and proceded to investigate the problem. I found cracked hoses and stuff so I went to my stock I had and just started sizing things up. When I finished he was almost in tears when I told him I didn't want anything for it. Until I left that job he was always soo kind to me. He never spoke to me before the work I did much. He did especially treat me differently when he realized I put that $20 back in his car in the gauge cluster. I asked for nothing to help a guy out !! I do this a lot!! I get a good feeling about it. Now I learned he don't work at all anymore and had come down with a major facial cancer. This all happened this past year. I feel even better of what I did after finding that out !! When he asked me why I did that I told him this. Just tell people who worked on your car. Thats all I ask except for you to not tell them how much I charged you either !! My children have seen me do this a lot. I help out at the drag strips lend my Nitrous Bottles, tools, whatever to help a fellow rodder out in need as well. I have never been greedy and beg or expect things. I always knew how I was poor and what it was like. It sucked as a kid !!