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OK I found I had to get a little creative on my intake since I don't have enough room in front of the motor to put one in place. I ordered a 180 degree 4" tube to draw air from up and back over the top of the motor from a split cone intake. Heres where it gets interesting. I could just fab and install a flat aluminum base to keep some of the hot engine air from the filters, which would be fairly simple (Keep it simple stupid - KISS). OR I was thinking about fabing up an enclosed aluminum air box, cutting two 4" round breather holes and routing tubing to both sides of the radiator. These would come over the top of the core support and drop down in between the core support and grille using the two LS1 air intakes I've ended up with. Definately would look very custom but I'm estimating it will take about 40 hours and an extra $100 to make it. That is assuming I don't screw it up and have to remake it again. Attached to this blog are some photos of this second senario with the intakes just laying in place. What do you think? Am I crazy for getting sidetracked into too elaborite an air box? Or when you pop the hood will it be cool to see dual intakes wraping around into an aluminum air box.