Filed under: 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner (Roadie)

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After a rough summer of sitting and hardly seeing day light the Roadrunner has been getting a bunch of new parts and getting tuned up. Something did the trick and she now has power! Still a long way to go but she can move now and cruise. Already have 3 cruises under our belt with cold weather still lurking. New Motor mounts, leaf springs, and u-bolts coming up this week.
She use to die a lot at stop signs and what not. that problem is gone. turn signals didnt work. they do now. Timing was way off. set and good now. old battery that didn't fit the tray is gone. New Mopar battery in place. Old valve covers gone and replaced with black Mopar valve covers. New plugs put in. New wires to be added soon. Im sure im forgetting more but the point is she is cruise ready!