Filed under: 1992 Ford Thunderbird (Silver Thunder)

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I took advantage of the nice weather today and made some significant progress on my SC. I got my IC installed, new wiring harness installed (awesome I might add), replaced the #1 plug that had a broken electrode, installed the supercharger top and upper IC tube, installed my DIS module with a custom heat sink under it for increased cooling, found a couple bolts that I dropped in the engine compartment last fall, fixed a couple wiring issues that I had found while digging... I think that's about it. I know that's a pretty long sentence, but you can deal with it. :)

Now, to get it running, all I have to do is install a new battery. I've got a good one coming tomorrow so I will be able to find out then if it'll start up. I'm a little concerned because it's been sitting for so long. I'm sure the fuel in the tank is not good anymore. I just hope it's good enough to get me the mile up the road to the gas station.

I also need to install my new O2 sensors before I try to start it. And a quick check of other things like oil, coolant, etc needs to be done before I just crank it over. I know I'm low on coolant and am due an oil change. I'll hand crank the engine over to make sure that everything is still moving (if it's not, that's really going to suck!). I'm pretty sure it is because the engine was turning a little when I was tightening up my alternator pulley.

That's about it. Wish me luck. I'm hoping to at least get it started tomorrow...