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The "Hot Rod Bug" strikes again! This little critter has caused millions of otherwise normal intelligent human beings stress and strife ever since the dawn of the automobile. Symptoms include: Drooling (at the sight of certain vehicles) often accompanied by stammering, stuttering, and rude grunting noises; Loss of focus on all other things around the victim; An inexplicable lack of monetary control (indicated by spending ridiculous amounts of money on anything shiny or labeled as "Guaranteed Horsepower Gains!"); And a desire to flock together in groups. This condition primarily affects men although it has been known to affect women in isolated cases. There is no known cure at this time. Most affected individuals have extreme denial issues stating that it is "not a problem" and they do not wish to be cured or even treated. If this has ever happened to you.......

Join The Club!!

I, for one, am in extreme denial, apparantly, because I hope they never find a cure!

I just got my 'Stang not even two weeks ago and am already in trouble with the wife for spending too much time and money on it! Ahhhhh, life is good! Fortunately, my wife has been known to show some symptoms of the bug from time-to-time as well so she is pretty forgiving of my problem.

Getting a pretty smokin good deal on a set of rims with nearly new tires on them this weekend. Bigger wheels, better tires, and a much better look! I can't wait! I'll post more pics as soon as I can!

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