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Joe @ Corvettes and Classics has not slept trying to get all the hott 'vettes road worthy, and mine was no exeption!
Joe found out that after the engine was replaced, a couple of little problems occured. 1. Some of the light's didn't work 2. A gas leak 3. The horn didn't work 4. All the wheels needed to be aligned. But being the " Vette expert" that he is, he fixed everything! Exept the alignment.
So now, I need to get the paint done, get the stereo put in, get the Foose wheel's I ordered, get the tires for the Foose wheels, Then drive that badboy like I stole it!
The maryland trip to Ocean City is around the corner, and I need to get some road time before we leave just to make sure "everythang is everythang"! (praying that it's gonna be ok)

Thank each and every one of you M' topians for your Interest in the 'Vette project. Your encouragment and kind words helped me build my dream car and I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.
Thanx again, Buddyluv!