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OK, just so's we're up-to-date here: Max has (so far) had the following installed since I bought him: all-new HD coil springs / bushings (urethane on suspension parts) and gas shocks, HD rear sway bar, add-on HD front sway bar, front disc brake conversion kit, HD Desert Cooler 4-core radiator w/dual 15" electric fans, 40 gph roller-bearing water pump, Air Ride bags in the rear for towing duty, A/C conversion to R134(?), add-on (separate) engine oil and trans fluid coolers, and K&N air filter, plus Sunpro gauge package and tach (I just love tachs..hahaha!) and window tint.

The "H" pipe exhaust was done locally by a small muffler shop, and I hope to have an "X pipe" setup with high-flow turbo muffs done eventually, probably after I get around to converting the 327 to port fuel injection...ah, daydreams...!

Any road, cruise control will be an add-on soon, as Max is being set up not only to be a nice-looking, comfy ride, but to be a 'road warrior' to take us on nice, long cross-country drives!