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In 1980 when I was still married to my first wife I brought my first 1980 TR-7 car. It was Red and and it was fun. A year later I had to sell it . I always felt bad that I had to sell that car. So when a used one came by me I brought it and had it rebuilt, accomplishing a lot of the work my self. My 2nd wife is understanding and is helping me to get it restored. It is coming along and is now about 95 % complete I guess no car is ever done but I think this will be close to what I want in a few more months. Its getting there.
I guess you could call it a labor of love. But I don't remember that they where so small and hard to get in and out of. I Have also brought the same model and year car, only it is Green.( The Green machine ) It spent the last 9 years in a barn here in Nebraska so it needs lots of work. But it did start right up when I put gas in it.