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Well, I haven't been around lately as all of you may know! We are in the process of building 2 cars, both four speeds. One is a 10th anniversary TA and the other is a Black/Silver TA. The process has been a very slow one, both cars having different issues that needed to be addressed. The black car is out of the paint shop and presently about half the way put back together. The 10th is at the paint shop still. The painter called and said he was finished with it except the clean up. We went to look at it yesterday and unfortunately, the passenger door is a different shade of silver. I'm not sure what happened although I have my suspicions. He wanted us to bring it on home and finish it up, but after thinking on it over night, we called the painter and said no, it needed to be fixed before we brought it home. I am not sure why I can't upload pics on here, but pics can be seen on my Facebook site at
As you can see, the passenger door is unacceptable. So, looks like it will be there for a few more days/weeks/months...however long it takes to get it right.
Anyhow, just wanted to drop in and say Hi, and hope all is going well for all of you. Marcia