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It's been a long 4 weeks since placing my order. I've been checking the Challenger forums and Dodge's Blog almost daily for any bit of information about the '09 production. I feel like a kid watching the calendar at Christmas. I don't know if I can keep this up until late Sept-Oct.

My dealer at Baxer has been awesome about calling every week or so to give me an update (which really hasn't changed) but to also have me come down to the lot and look at some '08 SRTs that came in as customer orders. He also called me to have me come look at an '09 Ram in Deep Water Blue Metallic that came in so I could see what the paint would look like in person.

Today, though I felt like I got some better insight into the whole dealer order process. I came across the Unofficial Dodge Challenger Registry which lets you report on your '09 Challenger order status to all the other overgrown kids that can't wait for their new toys. What was helpful was finding out that there is a Vehicle Order Number (VON) that is assigned to the order. This is how Chrysler can track the order through their systems. Also, there is a letter code status that is assigned to the order that tells you anything from the order is placed, to the parts are pulled and ready to assemble, to "hey your car is on a truck to your dealer".

So I'm looking at this list of 170+ "orders" with VONs and statuses that show they are queued up or ready to be built. Feeling wholly inadequate, I send a note to my dealer asking if they have a VON for my order and if so, what status is it in. A short hour later and my dealer calls to give me the VON (22209955) and to let me know that the order is in BG status (Passed edit n/a for schedule) which is in line with what other orders on the registry show for the same time period. I also find out that with the VON in hand I can call Chrysler Customer Service (800-992-1997) periodically to check on the status without bothering my dealer. :)

So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that all goes well on the Brampton assembly line and that the rumors that R/T orders are going to start being processed next week. Maybe then I can get some driving in before the cold weather and snow starts to fly!