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I want to take a few minutes to wish all my Motortopia friend a Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Safe New Year!

At a time where most families are struggling like most of us never have experienced, it is important to remember the meaning of Christmas. It is truely a time for family. A time to appreciate what we do have, and care for those who are less fortunate. Too many families wont even have a good meal. Most of us are really blessed in life, even if we arent as prosporous this years as we have been in the past.

And for those you here on Motortopia who have suffered losses this year and those of you who arent doing well, Please know i and all your other Motortopia friends will keep you in our hearts and in our prayers. Those who are or have family serving our country, a very special Thank you, you are some very special people who need to know we appreciate them and what they do for us each and every day.

Thank You to all my friends for all the nice comments and wonderful conversations we have had over the past year. May you all have a safe Holiday Season!