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My older brother, Dean, has enlisted in the Navy, and he'll be leaving for basic training (or whatever the Navy calls it) in a week or two. I'm SOOOOO PROUD of him, going to serve America! On the other hand, we're at war, and I'm afraid for him. He's a survivor, so I hope and pray he'll be okay. he's definitely one of the 'good guys', and he's always been there for me.

The reason I'm posting this on Motortopia is that he told me today that he wants me to have his car while he's in the Navy. (He wants it back in the same condition when he gets back!) This isn't just any car - It's my DREAM CAR! He has a black 2001 Camaro SS convertible! Up til now, he hasn't even let me drive the car, so you can imagine how surprised I was when he told me I would be "taking care" of his car for him! It's a HUGE responsibility, but as much as I love him (AND that car!), you better believe I'll take good care of it! He'll be driving back to our family's home this weekend to spend one last week with us, and of course give me the keys.

I'm really looking forward to having the car, but I'd really rather have Dean here and safe instead.