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Well since no one is using MySpace anymore, I guess I'll move my blogs here. Too many to move so I am just going to move this one. I posted this on April 13th which was the day I dropped my car off at Speed and Specialities for the Pro-Charger and electric cut-outs modifications. Enjoy.

Ok today I dropped off my Bandit this morning at Speed and Specialties for one last modification. This has been a multi-year process and it all comes down to this. Actually I am doing two mods for the Grand Finale. First will be electic cut-outs for the exhaust. This will make my Bandit even LOUDER than it is now and most certainly will get me into trouble so for that reason alone it's a good mod. When opened the exhaust will exit right behind the header which will make this thing sound like a stock car. When closed, I will maintain the nice throaty sound of an LS1 engine and still sound intimidating. This should really be a cool mod since I will have to ability to open or close the cutouts from the "pilots seat".

Mod number two is the grand daddy of them all. A Pro-Charger Supercharger running about 10 lbs of boost (i know that's not alot but I need room to "grow"). Yea my Bandit will have that all too familiar whistling noise that says "Don't tread on me" to all on comers and would be challengers. This thing is gonna be a MONSTER with this supercharger. I am not sure on how much horsepower I will be making until we dyno the car after it has been set up and tuned but I am hoping for 600 horsepower at the rear wheels or somewhere near that. My only hope is that I can still control this thing when all is said and done.

This project started with switching from a Black/Silver themed Trans-Am to the Black/Gold Modern Day Bandit Theme
I have now. I have upgraded the graphics, the stereo, the suspension, the exhaust, headers, cam and now added a supercharger. I am a LONG way from where I started and it feels good to have my own interpretation of the original Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am to drive and enjoy. Thanks to all of you that have been "along for the ride" and have follwed me through the years on The Bandit Run. This year should be amazing. Stay tuned.

So there you have it family and friends. Bandit Run starts on May 14th.............BE THERE!!!

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Manny "Rockshow"