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Today is December 1, 2009, little progress to report but some progress none-the-less.

For the last few months I have been blocking the primer getting ready for paint. First I added a guide coat to the primer and sanded with 220 dry, then anouther guide coat and sanding with 320 wet, on final guide coat and final sand with 600 wet. I think it is finally ready for color.

A story I need to share, I was talking to a friend that is restoring a '72 El Camino and we were talking about the interior. I asked about the condition of his dash pad and he told me his was perfect and usable. I told he was lucky because mine is completely shot and I didn't know if I should buy a new one or a dash cap. He then told me that the dash pad in the parts car he bought was almost perfect also and if I wanted it I could have it. I asked what he wanted and his reply was "NOTHING". Thank you Phil Rodgers for keeping the hobby alive and well.

I painted it today and am happy with the results. I added a couple of pics to my garage pics.