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Last week, we told you how BMW of Lincoln tried to back out of an Ebay auction won by forum member dooma350. Soon the story was all over the Internet, and eventually the dealership gave in and decided to honor the deal. (Note: as of today, dooma350 is still waiting for the car to be delivered. Check the thread for the latest updates.)

Now comes of the story of how a bunch of Internet car enthusiasts from helped take down a very stupid car thief.

It all started when the thief took Shaun Ironside's 1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R for a test drive in Calgary and never returned. Shaun called the cops and thought that was the last he'd ever see the car in one piece.

He decided to post a thread at to see if anyone could help track down the car. His post said the car would be easy to spot, since it is a rare right-hand drive GT-R imported from Japan. The thief would also be easy to spot because he is missing two fingers from his right hand.

The next day, a forum moderator spotted the Skyline and was able to snap a picture of the thief behind the wheel, including his right hand. He rolled down his window and yelled "Nice stolen car!" at the thief, who replied "It's not stolen" then sped off at over 100 mph. The forum moderator called the police and posted the picture on the forum.

Eventually, people started reporting seeing the thief driving around and challenging people to race. Then they found his Facebook page and started posting his name and address all over the place.

On March 27, forum member Numi spotted the GT-R outside the thief's house. He couldn't see the address so he posted the general location of the house on the forums. It wasn't long before the forum members had a Google map posted showing the exact location of the house.

Numi met Shaun and the police near the thief's house, but the car and the thief were gone before they got there. The next morning, forum member Punit Patel decided to drive by the thief's house. When he got there, he saw the Skyline parked on the street between two pickups. He blocked the car in with his car, then called Shaun. Twenty minutes later, Shaun arrived and called the cops. Within fifteen minutes, the thief was arrested.

The thief was identified as 18-year-old Jamie Jacobsen, and Shaun put up a video on YouTube of Jamie being arrested.

Shaun has his car back, but the tires are shot, the alignment is off, and the interior smells like marijuana. But he did find $22 and the thief's NY Yankees cap inside. He kept the money and put the hat on eBay. The current bid is up to $260.

Score another one for the good guys.

Click here to see the video, click here to see the thread on, and click here to bid on the Yankees hat!