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Thanks to all our great readers and members, Motortopia is at SEMA this year, covering the event as official media!

Wow, how things have changed. It was only a few years ago that Motortopia was not recognized as a legitimate news source. Well, with tens of thousands of you Motortopians out there; we are now recognized as a major source of news for the automotive enthusiast.

Watch for regular updates from the show. Hey, is there anything (besides the models ;-) ) that you want us to write about? Maybe some pics and video you would like to see? Just leave a comment here for us and we'll be your media team on the ground here at SEMA.

And, we're likely to do a quick comment contest or two during the show. Win some great stuff here from the show. So, check back often.

Thank you.

The Motortopia Team

P.S. The weather is great!