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Well alot has going on with kali.

As of late shes getting a upgraded in the engine department, as well as some body work and paint. Also some new wheels! Even though i just re-did the interior in her, it looks like I'm going to be redoing it again' there are just a few things I'm not happy with. So it must be done.

As far as wheels for this car, i have gone though so many, i have came back full circle to the wheels i wanted in the 1st place, just up in size a lil. I'm going with a set of custom painted bullets 18x10 rears 18x9 fronts the paint scheme is gunmetal met on the rim with black centers.

The car will be black again but I'm undecided as to rather i do onyx or like a black metallic. That's up in the air still, and it should have the saleen kit on as well. We will see.

She is sitting in the garage now all torn apart! Due to a crushed oil pan that's happen while i was lowering the jack and it slid on to the pan!!!!

I had just spent 2 weeks cleaning a redoing the the brakes an lines....Ahhh oh well it could have been worst. So after i pull the motor, I'll take the time to clean up the engine compartment. and a few other things ..

And i will post some updated pics.