Filed under: 2005 Dodge Stratus Coupe (ThunderStratus SXT)

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Ok, Don't laugh, but today, while the wife and I are in the Southern Pines/Sandhills, NC area this past week, I finally got a challenge to race my "ThunderStratus" !! I had just pulled out from a Car Wash, after cleaning and shining and armor all all areas I normally do at the edge of dark when a 02 or 03 Mustang, metal flake Green with really nice wheels and nice paint, shot by me, as I pulled up behind him at the Light, about 100 yards below the car wash where I pulled out, I pulled along side of him rather quickly, with one of my Fav KISS tunes playing on CD player, I cranked it up. I looked over at the guy where we had eye contact and he montion with his hand and head that he wanted to run at the light, I nodded and said sure, why not, expecting to get my butt handed to me, I thought, "What the hell". So when the Light turn Green, I had one foot on the brake and other on the gas and release the brake with the left foot and slammed the gas with the right foot and I could hear my wheels squeal (for the first time) and off we went. Then to my surprise I ended up leaving this guy, I mean I pulled him and left him doing nearly 70 before we hit the next light. So I ended up signaling and going into his lane and then turning to the right way before he got there.. WOW!! What a rush!! I know it was probably luck, but dang, first time I had gotten a challenge on a busy 4 lane with it being so freakin clear.. So I was on such a high from that I ran up to a nice CAMARO, who was running a bit faster than the speedlimit and I shot by him before he had a chance to react, LOL!! Anyways, that was my 15 seconds of fame on the Racelanes.. Just though I would share it with everyone, Like I said, don't laught, but that 2.4 Stratus, has a little punch, LOL!!!!