Filed under: 2011 Kia Forte Koup (Koup EX)

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***under the hood: http://www.yo...v=6XfzLGby9u0 ***
***in action 40-90 MPH: http://www.yo...v=woAlu1P4NGw ***
***on the highway: http://www.yo...y5BQ&NR=1 ***

My new custom built Short Ram Air Intake I put together using Spectre Performance parts. 1) Black Coupler Part#8771, 2) 6" tube Chrome Part#8718, 3) P4 Red Cone Filter Part# 8132, 4) Red Breather filter Part#3992

Removed stock set up, cool thing is Koups have no Mass Air Flow sensor so im going to upgrade to 4" diameter tubing instead of the 3". assembled new set up and reset my ecu. set up works great! we get alotta rain here so short ram set up was more practical then cold air set up

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