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This is how he became mine: I own a detail shop in our town. 2 years ago, a bank from another town called and asked me to pick up a couple of vehicles to detail for resale.
I was a little taken back when I saw this black, 1999 Volvo S70, T5, sitting there waiting on me to take him and clean him up. First of all, he wasn't that dirty and looked like he had been very well loved. I had never rode in a Volvo, much less drove one. As I slipped behind his wheel, I will never forget that feeling. I do believe that he actually hugged me.....
As I was driving him the 10 or so miles back to my shop, I was amazed by his features. I couldn't watch the road for gazing into his gauges, knobs, leather and wood grain. I couldn't keep my hands off his supple leather seat. Even his firm, but "touch me" dash was beckoning me to reach out and touch him. Then, I slowly reached up and slid his panel open to reveal his sunroof. With every touch, I fell in love more.
There, in the floor board, was a "for sale" sign. I couldn't believe the price. I immediately picked up my cell and called the bank back. "Are you sure about this price,,,, just in case someone stops in while I am bathing him...?" The loan officer said, "Yes, that is all the gentleman that owned "it" owed and that is all we can ask". I then asked, "Why did the owner bring him back?" The officer replied "The owner was moving to another state, didn't want to take the "car" with him and brought it and the keys back."
When I arrived back at my shop, I got out and announced to my husband that there was another man in our lives. He looked at me like I was crazy, as he rolled his eyes, (and not too convinced I might add) and asked who. I turned and gently stroked my Volvos hood and announced "Meet him for yourself." My husband shook his head as he was walking off and asked "How much is this going to cost me?"
A little over 2 years later and he is still in our lives. My husband is kind enough to wash him at least once a week and do a 2 stage wax job at least once a month. I, of course,,,, make sure his leather stays clean and supple. No ONE is allowed to clean him inside, but me. He now has over 208,000 miles on him and EVERYWHERE I go, people ask me what year my "Volvo" is. I smile, stroke him gently and say "A 1999, with 208,000 on him." No one believes me, so I always have to show them,,,,, then they book their vehicle to have it detailed, of course......
I know this story is silly, but I do love my car and "He does give me a greaaaat ride,,, everytime."
Now, he has been driven by a celebrity and no one sits in the driver seat but me and my husband. Some of you may have heard of Darryl Starbird,,, he was on the final series episode of "Monster Garage" and has his own museum close to where I live. He has a website where you can go and see some of his creations. Anyway, I produce a large Classic Auto Show, once a year, and Darryl and his wife, Donna, came and spent the evening before and the day of the show with us. Darryl got hungry, so I pulled "Loverboy" up to him, handed Darryl the keys and off he went to get some lunch. (Darryl had brought one of his customs to show for the day and didn't have another vehicle to drive around).
So, now he sits out front of my shop everyday and shows himself off.