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This is a very cool project and I am way behind in the stats.

I am trying to fund a high school project (multiple schools) in which they will research, design and build a 1941 Willys All Electric Hybrid.

The top 10 vote getters receive a grant from Pepsi. I would really appreciate your support.

You can vote once - every day for the month of April. Please post to Facebook, send to friends. I'll do almost anything to succeed in this program.

Thanks ~ John (39Stude)

What is 'PlugNPlay'?
The ‘PlugNPlay’ project intends to be the first step into a super hybrid educational experience. This program will produce a vehicle that uses no gasoline for power – only electricity. PlugNPlay is designed to combine renewable energy resources into a portable unit that can extend the range of any vehicle – operating solely on battery power.

Students will investigate 4 main sources of power. These ‘Power Plants’ (think green) will serve as the only source of power for the vehicle. With the main source of power being electricity from the home - we will also use wind, solar, and motion to generate the remaining. Power plants such as these already work on their own – our plan is to put them all together.

PlugNPlay will also research the use of thermal film to heat and cool the interior of the car – as well as solar powered air exchangers to keep the car cool in the summer. We plan to design a back up powersource in case the car runs out of power from the main grid before it can be charged.