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So I had just fixed up the Beretta, cleaned it, prepped it and my wife and I were of to our wedding ceremony. She was running great the whole day. On our way back from the ceremony and the reception, the engine started ticking louder and louder. We got home ok but I was gonna wait until the next day to look the car over.

At first I thought my lifters had gone bad, so I replaced those and when I finished, nothing. Same thing. It was more internal than that. I figured one of the pistons had gone or a rod was done. Not sure yet what it was but I figured it was time for a new motor. This poor old thing had been running for 23 long years, it was just time to put it down.

I managed to find a 3.1L V6 from a 93 Pontiac Grand Prix from Arizona and got it for $400. The motor only had 72,000 miles on it. So I ordered it and sent it to my dad's workplace. He took it and my car to his house and we worked on it from there. The motor itself looked like it needed a BIG cleaning, gunk all over the place, but the internals looked like they were in great shape. As of July 3rd, the transmission was installed and my dad put the motor back into the car. It just needs to be plugged in and hopefully it'll all work out.