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Just added some updated photos to the Ford album. The truck is coming along nicely. Finally found a chrome shop that could handle the long lengths of body moulding so those and the front grill have been sent out to be rechromed. The windshield had to be replaced with new glass... the original accidentally got broken. The side window assemblies have all been reinstalled... Looking for a 60/40 split bench seat to put back in... i'm 5' 1" and my husband is 5'11"... could get a bit uncomfortable with the original bench if i'm driving :) It's just looking real good. I'm not liking the way the front end is sitting at the moment. I like the overall height... but the front end seems too "bouncy"... i'd rather see it a little lower in the front... but don't know what needs to happen to do that. Tires and wheels will be different too... the ones that are on it are a too balloon like for my taste. The rechromed bumper is on and it turned out real good... plesantly surprised... it was fairly pitted. The dash instrument plate is a flat black right now but I think i'd like to see it in a semi/satin finish instead... flat just doesn't seem to go with the shine of the rest of the truck. The door panels are all black and so is the headliner... not sure what i'm gonna do with the seat yet as far as upholstry.

So that's that.... thoughts... suggestions... ideas are always welcome!