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Thankyou everyone for the warm welcome to this website. I'm starting out with few pictures but will surely add more.

Speaking of, I have added 3 new photos to show off the changes done to my 53' Chevy. Make sure to check em' out and let me know what you think! Any input helps, whether its good or bad.

I'm looking to meet folks on here who share a love for the pre-1964 customs and hot rods. I go to car shows alot and love meeting new people who have the same passion for these old junkers.

So I'll go ahead and apologize upfront for not liking your car. I'm very picky. But I still admire any workmanship that goes into a car. I don't like alot of the cars the Chip Foose does, but he works hard on them and has a great artistic eye so I respect him and like him alot.

So thankyou again everyone, and don't be a stranger!