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Well boys and girls. I found myself a new toy. I traded my Monte off last year for a Harley. Enjoyed the Harley, but me being a hefty boy and riding a sportster that had been ratted out and hard tailed, well, it was painfull. So I saw the writing on the wall (LOL).
I was searching thru Craigslist motorcycle section and found a add for a guy wanting to trade a 1969 El camino for a harley or other. thought about it and said what the heck. Took a look at it and was alot better than what I expected. Body wise looks worse than what it really is. The chassis and floor boards are excellent. Will post some pics.
It mite not be a Chevelle, but it is close enough for me. Gonna be an exciting time for me at least. My cousin is also stoked! Ain't that right Bandit02?! LOL!