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well im not liking the way my engine has ben running latley, at just about 90k miles now and im pretty sure my optispark distributer is starting to crap out on me. so il replace it with a new msd opti annd might as well replace the meziere electric water pump motor while im in there right. but im also thinking about camming it since il have it all apart there, hmm...
so heres what the damage is gonna be, lol mainly im keeping track of what my order is gonna be since theres no cart or wish list on
msd opti- $489.99
electric h2o pump- $179.99
--sub total w/ shipping ~$700
now if i cam it too.. 224/230 .560"/.598" 112lsa - $260
soo $960 all together... il hafta think about that. ordered the shocks and springs yesterday!!! ive gotta wait a week for them to valve them i guess, il chip away at my suspension list over the winter tho, the shocks and springs tho i decided i needed asap. my buddy usually helps me out on the big mods, but he hates doing springs tho so i think im gonna have to pay him alil more than a 6pack hahah owell cool beans =)