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Wow, everything was a go, then fizzle -pop!

Well, Charlie had William and I take the two T/A's to Bemidji, a town about 45 miles from the Shop, to have them aligned. Needless to say we got a lot of attention, and it took over five hours to get the job done. The black car was finished first, and it was getting close to prom, so we had William take the black one home, and I would wait for the white one, then he could get ready for prom, and take the car when I got there. Sounds good, but it was just not meant to be. I got ten miles down the road and started to lose power, the gauges looked fine, but I could smell it getting hot. I decided to pull on to the shoulder and that’s where she died. Understand, I know nothing about cars for the most part, I'm a Machinist, but I know white vapor rolling from under the bird on the hood is not what they mean by FIREBIRD. I make the call home to let them know I need help. Just about that time the Highway Patrol Flicks on his lights, flies through the ditch and pulls up behind me. I'm thinking, no front plates, and tinted windows, both punishable offenses, great! Nope, he had a report of a car on fire, and asked if everything was ok. And wow, what a nice car!!! ( I could not resist taking a picture)
To make a long story short, William had to pick up his Date in his truck, which is very nice. The only thing William had to say when I called to tell him was, "It’s OK Mom, Can I still go on the Bandit Run?" LOL. I'm sure by Sunday night the car will have a 330 hp GM Crate Motor installed, with a Turbo 350 Trany. Charlie assures me William will like this much better.