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Hey everyone, thought i'd give you all some updates of what I've been up to recently.

I have been trying new things with building models, I will be trying simple green on my GMC Syclone so I can repaint it and make it look a lot better. On the way I have: A Hemi Cuda and a Charger Super Bee. Can't wait to show them off!

Next, I have gotten two new riding mowers since last update. One of these is a 1977 Sears Suburban 18 HP with a 3 speed hi lo transmission. Way cool. Haven't got it to run yet. Next is a 1984 FORD rear engine mower. I found that on the side of the road! It runs great and mows better!

School is you know school. Got some good classes and some not so fun! But ya know as long as my grades are good I am happy.

Speaking of happy, one month from the 17th of November I will be celebrating 2 years with my wonderful girlfriend. It has been so much fun and I am looking forward of whats to come.

License plates...don't think theres anything to report here! Gotta get on that.

My laptop is running better than it ever did. I had my girlfriend's father put Windows 7 on it and it has been running much faster. So many thanks to that, I am typing this on it. (Dell Latitude E6500)

I think thats all for now! Thanks for reading. I enjoy looking at everyones pictures and posts. Also thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I appreciate all of them. I will be sure to write more to you guys. Thanks all!