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Ok, so I have posted only the good pics I was kinda proud of...Now here is some of the bad. When we decided we wanted to get an older Trans Am, we watched Ebay, Craigslist, local newspapers and any other site on the internet that could lead us to our dream car. Mike even flew to Omaha to look at a bird that seemed perfect for us. It was listed as all original paint, runs good, all of the things you want in a car but the car did have a few things that turned Mike completely off. How can all original paint have overspray on the windshield...that kind of thing! If they lied about that, what else is wrong.You know that a 30 year old car will have some flaws, but you are willing to compromise for a few things that doesn't seem too hard to fix. As long as the engine runs and the body is in decent shape, you can deal with minor flaws if it is what you want. Anyway, we ran across these two Trans Ams from a guy here locally and eventually he made us a deal too hard to refuse. These last two albums I added are when we were looking at the cars and their flaws. Once we decided to buy them and got both of the cars home, then got the white one running, we were glad we had bought them. They are both matching numbers cars with build sheets etc still in them. Now we are waiting on the Bandit Run to come along so we can have even more fun with them. Sure wish there was a local Trans Am club here in Chattanooga.