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Since I installed this 1966 300 cid in this car, I was wondering if headers were available for it.

As you may be aware, I am running this engine with the original cast iron manifolds that came out of a Buick "Special". Even though I had them sandblasted, repaired (for a crack) and painted (baked), they are showing their ugly side as cast manifolds do...RUSTING.

A while back, I purchased Headers from a '95 Land Rover, the passenger side fits with no problem. The Drivers side will not work, due to the steering shaft.

Recently, Sanderson Headers came out with a 'Block Hugging' header which MAY fit. It is the BSV8.

After MANY HOURS of measuring and staring at both the engine compartment and header image, I decided to take a gamble and order the damn things!

I did so on 10/21/11...and I can't wait to receive them.

Once I check to see if they'll fit, I'll post it here.

Everybody cross your fingers...!!! lol