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Well we finally got the new carpet installed. Pulled out the old carpet and underlaying a couple of weeks ago. I was suprised at how good of shape the floorpans were in considering the conditions of some of the body panels when we bought the car.

Found 2 little spots of rust under the back seat and a little one on the drivers floorpan. Cut them out and welded in new pieces, Got the floor in good shape with primer and paint. Then came the real work!

The Dynamat. This is awesome stuff but definately some hard work. Spent 6 hours installing it on the entire floor of the car. Cutting, piecing, laying, rolling. The hardest part was laying it out over and down the shifter area. Wow! Was I ever sore the next day.

So last weekend we installed the carpet. Oh, what a difference! Not just in looks, but now that 35 year old musty carpet smell is gone. So worth the hard work. The dynamat helped take out some of the heat the headers were putting out through the floorboards and the interior of the car is a little quieter.

The next job on the agenda will be getting the seats re-upholstered. Then the interior will be done. Gettin closer!