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Just a rant of sorts, I guess. Looking around on here, I'm noticing that a lot of folks who are fixing up their rides do it only by bolt-ons. Not that I'm complaining, as bolt ons sure are an easy to way to add power/style/performance, but why does everyone seem to begin and end there? I'm from the old school of "high school hot rodding", meaning that you modify your existing parts or do swaps on the hard parts like heads and internals. I love the fact that you can order performance packages for just about anything now, but I guess I just miss the days of "how did you do that!?!" after a heads up race (at the track, of course!). Early on, when I was learning body work, my boss had me hammering and filling a fender off a 68 Chevelle; I put a lot of hours into this particular project. At one point, I asked him why we didn't just order an aftermarket fender from a good supplier since they're available and the car wasn't a concourse rebuild anyway (heavily modified). His response shaped the way I view custom cars. He told me that almost anyone can be parts man, changing out old for new, but it takes talent, passion and patients to be a body man. Since that point I've learned how to hit stock parts with a louver punch, french in lights/antennas and even aid in chop top project. I guess that modfiying your parts is how I view car crafting and bolting on parts is only done out of neccessity.