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andylynn67 has sunk to a new low. read what he had to say about 1962ChevyGuy in a comment in a current challenge:

andylynn67 Apr 20, 2009 at 6:27 pm
Hmmmm !! Big mouth gay guy(not that there is anything wrong with that LOL) or cool Porsche !!
Well this will be easy

OK, I know what I did to get him all hot and bothered at me: I dared to vote for a car in a challenge that he didn't like! HORRORS! How could I dare do stupid thing like that, vote for a very nice Honda CRX over a soon-to-be completed VW Bug that promised to be very nice itself once it was finished. I even commented that I liked the Bug, and if I had known that the points were going as badly against it as they were, that I would have sent a few votes it's way. Yes, voting was going very much against the Volkswagen, and it was going to be a very nice car once it was finished, but I wasn't the only one who preferred the Honda. For some reason known only to andylynn67, he singled me out for his diatribes. Perhaps it was because I like Corvairs. Since both Corvairs and VW Bugs are air-cooled, Andylynn67 just assumed that I voted for the Honda because it's owned by a friend of mine. He clearly didn't look at my friends list - if he had, he would have noticed that the VW owner was ALSO ON MY FRIENDS LIST!!! :lmao:

Anybody who knows "Chevy Guy" will tell you that he's as straight as they come. I don't want to come off as judgemental in this issue, but andylynn should at least get his facts "straight"! "Big Mouth"? I don't think I've ever seen him write a sentence of more that four words! I don't know what "Chevy Guy" could have possibly done or said to incur the hateful wrath of andylynn67, but whatever it was, it was bad enough for him to present blatant HATE SPEECH in a public forum for everybody to read. If it were up to me, this bad apple would be plucked from Motortopia and thrown in the compost heap where bad apples belong. This is supposed to be a fun, friendly website, and I don't think we need people like andylynn67 messing things up for those of us who are here for fun and friendship! If you agree with me, please let Motortopia know!