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Over the last couple of says a couple of very special cars have been stolen in unrelated cases.

The first was on May 30th.

"On May 30th my 7700 mile 4 Speed 10th anniversary car was stolen out of a garage in Commerce Township, Michigan.
There is a reward leading to the recovery of the car and the arrest and conviction of the people involved.
Please feel free to contact me through this forum (;topicseen), at, or my cell at 734-645-6449.



This is an example of what the car looks like.

The other just happend last night. It's Blurr's SS that he just did a bunch of work on.

"Please post this anywhere you can. Maybe someone in the Louisiana area on any board will see it and get back that they found my car. I want to kill someone right now if I could catch them. Im so mad and upset I want to puke. Just thinking about what they are doing to my baby sickens me.

I walked out this morning and my damn car is gone. The SS is gone, I fliping cant believe it.

PLEASE PLEEEEEEASE everyone look for my baby.

I had the kill switch set and the fliping tracking systems web site is down and they arent answering the phone. GO flipING FIGURE! :td

Waiting on the cops now and ofcourse they are taken foreeeever to get here. Called insurance co. and they arent open yet.

Here are new pics of her taken last week.


More pics of that car can be seen at http://transa...088#msg148088 and he can be contacted through AIM @ BlurrTransam or YIM @ blurr1977. You can also call the West Monroe, Louisiana PD with any info on this car.

Thank you all very much!