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If you are a truly passionate 4x4 enthusiast you will want to do more with your awesome piece of machinery, rather than just driving to work and dropping the kids off at school. After all 4x4’s look best when they are in their natural habitat, the wild!

However, most of the 4x4’s that are being built these days are no longer being built for their natural purpose, and are indeed being made to appeal to families and celebrities who are probably never going to show their vehicles a patch of mud.

Thankfully there are 4x4 parts you can buy to help your vehicle adapt to the grueling terrain, and allow your vehicle to live up to its full potential. If you are planning on going on your own adventure, it’s always best to check all of your parts are in working order, so it can take on whatever you throw at it.

So, if you have a standard 4x4 that has been made to turn heads rather than face the sandy, muddy terrain that lay beyond the cities, upgrading your vehicle is essential! Top Gear proved just how terrible the new 4x4’s can be when they are faced with a challenge, where as when they put an old Toyota Hilux through some very vigorous tests, the mighty vehicle survived them all, now I’m not saying all the new ones are terrible off tarmac, but you will more than likely have to modify your car before you go off roading.

This is the sort of stuff you have to think of, after all you never know when you will need a winch, tow bar, or new suspension which are just some of the things you should consider applying to your vehicle. Take suspension for example, your standard suspension may be able to handle potholes, but a truly rocky terrain would drive you crazy if your standard suspension can't handle the pressure of the task in hand, and not only that, the wrong parts could be really dangerous for you and your vehicle, you don’t want to be left in the middle of nowhere, on your own all because your standard parts were not able to cope with the alien terrain.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen or heard stories of people having to cancel their 4x4 off road adventures because they haven't fully equipped their vehicle to the specifications needed, so, please take all the precautions necessary to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

So, if you are intending of being a true off roader you may need to modify your car so it can dominate in its natural environment, but if you aren't intending to anything like that, the only time you may need to change parts is when your standard ones fail the dreaded MOT!