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Here in Indiana our election is coming up quickly. I am already sick of the pressure to vote.

I haven't found anything extremely great about any of them. I get the ideas they try to push...they sound like they are catering to whatever group they are speaking to. I have a suggestion....I don't care what state you pick him from or from what field. I suggestion is to find an American Farmer, nothing more nothing less. Elect him president, he will turn it all around.

I refuse to vote for Obama. I don't like him. He claims he is going to change the world, sounds great, but he can't do it all on his own. Did he forget about congress? He claims he doesn't take money from Corporate America..HUH? Obamas main campaign contributors the credit card companies and the nuclear industry are his primary financial support. Oh and that isnt Corporate America?

Hillary irrates my very last good nerve. I don't trust her any further than I could throw her. She has no real stand on any issue. She cares about no one. I dare anyone out there to find any truly selfless or caring act on her part. Without there being a ulterior motive for the action. And I mean acts not words. Words mean nothing if they aren’t backed up by actions.

McCain...I haven't seen any ads for him, I haven't seen him speak...Oh thats right he is speaking in the southern states, that helps alot.

It isn't like we have to vote for this. Yes, I get it. But I could careless about Hillary or Obama. Here is an idea, lets toss them in a ring, with boxing gloves and whoever wins...wins for the democats.