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So I took a stab at it again now that it was good weather and a day off.

I pulled everything out, went back to bare. I decided to strip out all the old adhesive and respray the trunk with a rubberized coating to give it that "just off the lot" look where you would still see it. And let me tell you. It made a hell of a difference! I'm still amazed at how much newer the trunk looks. And everybody is surprised as well.

I let it all dry and decided to get the carpet set in. I got it all in, laid and laid and laid until it got where I wanted it, trimmed what I needed to so it would sit down, and went from there. I haven't glued it down yet because I want to lay a fabric mat under it to hide all the body lines in the trunk. So it's still not finished but it's getting there!

I finished up the entire box of what materials I had. I laid the carpet as flat as I could, mounted the amp and tucked the wires as I planned. I'm still waiting on the plaque and the sub. The subwoofer should get here this week, hopefully by Wednesday. And the RCA sets are on their way as well, including the fuse for the power wire.

I'm building the side panel and adding a digital voltmeter, fire extinguisher, and a Kicker ZX350.4 4 channel amp, to boost my interior speakers.

SOOOO, now it's onto the side panel build =)