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I have several projects going on at present.
One is a sound system for the garage. I had at work a setup I used on weekends to listen to music while repairing production machinery. A kenwood car stereo with a 10 amp power supply and some old RS speakers. Now have come up with a 1.5t Carving amp to boost power to 1500w and a pair of old RS Mach II speakers with the factory 16s replaced with Sonys. More realistic bass and power capacity. I have reloaded an old Dell desktop and added a creative sound card. I recorded all my cds onto a 500gb usb hard drive. Now a Sanyo mixer ties it all together. Just have to mount the speakers on the side of a double door roll around workbench. Mount the monitor on a post and install the keyboard/mouse on a swinging arm pad. It should get the job done and still be mobile.
Also working on converting my ford 460 RPMairgap intake to my 500 Cadillac Big block. About 45% there. Cut two runners offf the main body and removed the vally cover completely then welded the runners back on with 1/4inch spacers to match the ports better. Headwork coming too.
Next I need to replace the motor in my suburban so out comes the motor from the Mirage and then the Mirage gets a vortec 350 in the near future. Hopefully it will end up being a aluminum head vortec/intake with a nice hyd/roller with plenty of power and rpm, 6500+ .
Got to finish a workroom for my larhe and tools to go in and be locked up and out of the weather. Almost done. It was on the property when I bought the house and the floor was falling out of it. I lifted the building up and knocked out the floor and supports, built another entire floor and slid it under then set the building back down on it. Fit good and moved the door and closed the windows(walled up, no windows). So I have been a little busy lately.
Happy Hot Roddin